SPOTLIGHT: Lincoln in Dalivision

Salvador Dali's Lincoln in Dalivision is a bas relief of a nude woman standing before a wall upon which tiles--in the form of a very pixelated Abraham Lincoln--appear. The work is currently missing, the result of an American art theft.

When the sculpture was stolen, and where, is unknown. Rather, it is listed on the FBI's National Stolen Art File (NSAF) with precious little detail except for a rather flimsy description.

The work is far more popular on paper. An aside: It was the first lithograph aspiring art collector turned assassin Mark David Chapman purchased, spending $5,000 to acquire it. Chapman, of course, went on to deliver a Lincolnian fate to John Lennon eighteen months later in 1980, killing the Beatle by gunshot.

If you see this scuplture (the dimensions of which are also not provided in the NSAF), be sure to give the FBI a call--just in case.

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